Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Until My Project's Complete?

This depends on a number of factors such as the type of project, the level of customization required & complexity of the project.
Also, the feedback and review stages play a role in this so it's probably best to talk to us and we'll be able to provide you with an approximate timeline.

Where Do I Source My Content & Images?

Usually, we ask clients to provide everything needed for project completion but we may be able to help with this to some extent - it's best to check out some of the information we've put together on copywriting and images.

What's Required before Starting A Project?

Besides the deposit fee and client brief, we'll ask for access to certain accounts that will allow us to complete our work. These accounts may include web hosting & domain name company accounts, among others. We've put together some information about web hosting.

What are Some of the Costs Involved in Designing My Site?

The amount is determined by a number of variables but we've put together approximate pricing guidelines when you view our website design packages.
It's always best to reach out for a free quote first.

Some of our legal stuff may be viewed on our terms of service page but we'll furnish you with the final agreement before starting a project.

How Do We Proceed With Our Project?

For a rough overview, have a look at our design process, or rather contact us for further details of everything.

This is a rough guide that details our workflow - get in touch for a more accurate process.
We're a click of a button away if you're looking for a website design package in Cape Town.