Web Hosting Cape Town

Web hosting in Cape Town.

Hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies but you also tend to find design firms providing this service (often paired with website management).

Usually, the best option is to use a specialized local website hosting provider in Cape Town but sometimes it's best to evaluate international companies, such as using international companies for their great support and overall performance.

Your domain name is another topic to keep in mind as it needs to be linked to your hosting server as well as be renewed every year  - this lets you retain the right to use your selected domain name or else it becomes available in the public market again (where a competitor might snatch it up).

Web hosting may be seen as a computer harddrive for clients to store their website files on and this computer is connected to the Internet 24/7. By utilizing a hosting server, you make your website available to anybody (with access to the Internet) in the world.

A common question that is brought up a lot, is whether or not you're able to use your own computer to host your website files? The answer to this question, is that it is a possibility but web hosting servers run optimized software and usually, they're also more powerful than the average home desktop or even laptop for that matter.

Hosting servers are built to handle a large influx of website visitors at any given time during the day (well, the good web hosting companies anyway) while normal home computers generally aren't able to cope with the website traffic being transferred.

What's more is that good hosting providers manage their servers by utilizing modern hardware, installing updated software and also providing great customer support for all their related add-on services in addition to hosting. When a client registers their custom domain name, then they're also able to create custom email addresses to go along with their domain name and web host providers support and provide assistance with services of this nature.

Do I Choose Windows or Linux Hosting?

Important considerations include evaluating if the potential hosting company you might choose features 100% server uptime or near 100%, if you're allocated sufficient hard disk space for storage and bandwidth transfer for visitors, if you're provided with an easy to use control panel and many other points including whether or not they allow databases.

Two common hosting options include hosting your web pages on a Windows server or on a Linux server. The difference between the two is primarily in the software's overall performance and stability – most users opt for Linux servers owing to ease of use as well as historical performance.

When a client is evaluating the above options by weighing the positives and negatives between each operating software, they shouldn't just pick one based on location. Web hosting in Cape Town won't necessarily be better than an international hosting company (in most cases, the international host might be way better in terms of support and allocation of hosting resources).

Consider the features and benefits of each server environment first as well as the level of after-sales service that's offered. International hosting companies are very competitively priced, making it easier to make the switch from a local to global provider.

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